Energy Performance Certificates

All property in England that is constructed, sold or let must have an energy performance certificate (EPC), unless it is exempt (see below). An EPC is a document prepared by a domestic energy assessor (DEA), who will give a property energy efficiency and environmental impact ratings. This will involve a DEA visiting the property and will, usually, take less than an hour to complete. During the visit the DEA will be looking at the following:

  • The age and dimensions of the property

  • The construction materials

  • Window type

  • Type of heating and hot water systems

  • Lighting

Following the inspection the EPC will be prepared.

An EPC is valid for up to ten years. If you think your property may already have one you can check here:

If changes/alterations have been made to the property since the EPC was produced, it may be a legal requirement to have a new one produced, depending on the nature of the changes. A new EPC may not be necessary but it could be beneficial to have a new one produced as the changes may have increased your rating, which potential purchasers would appreciate and may view your home in a better light.


There are a few property types that are exempt from requiring an EPC:

  • Places of worship

  • Temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years

  • Stand-alone buildings with total useful floor space of less than 50 square metres

  • Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that do not use a lot of energy

  • Some buildings that are due to be demolished

  • Holiday accommodation that’s rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy

  • Listed buildings - you should get advice from your local authority conservation officer if the work would alter the building’s character

  • Residential buildings intended to be used less than 4 months a year

It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that an energy performance certificate is present, or at least commissioned, at the date of marketing. If the EPC is not available after a period of 28 days from commencement of marketing, the property must be withdrawn from the market.

At Whiting & Barlow we have a domestic energy assessor on hand to produce an EPC for you for a charge of £70. If you wish to take advantage of this service then please use our Contact Us page.