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Achieving the Best Price for Your Home

When it comes to selling your property, every estate agent in Cornwall will have a different method in how they go about achieving you the best possible price. We have fine tuned our approach to selling houses creating a best practice method in effectively launching your house to market. We appreciate that this will not fit every house sale, we can certainly adapt our approach to produce the best results for your given circumstances. In the interest of complete transparency, we wanted to highlight our preferred method:

Stage one:

We attend the valuation and give you our thoughts and feelings on a marketing figure and potentially agree terms. If you are ready to market your home we will take photographs, extensive notes and a floorplan. If you are not quite ready then we would arrange a suitable time to pop back and take the photographs, ideally on a sunny day.

If we have agreed terms we will then produce a basic facebook advert with a ‘coming soon’ tag. This begins to build up interest from many local buyers and tap into the passive market; people who may be interested but not actively been looking. It is best to do this on a weekend prior to the full launch to give it the best possible chance of attracting potential buyers and enquiries.

Stage two:

We create a brochure with the full write up, photographs and floorplan then send it to you for your approval. At the same time the ‘for sale’ board should be arriving before the property hits the internet portals; this gets neighbours talking to people they may know who would be interested.

If the brochure is approved it might be worth waiting to ‘launch’ the property off to Rightmove, Zoopla and Onthemarket etc. It is usually best to put a property live on to the internet on a Wednesday or  Thursday at about 5pm. Most active potential buyers have an email alert set up on these internet portals and they will be emailed as soon as a matching property meets their criteria gets uploaded. To give best chance of that email not being missed we upload properties in the evening when people are finishing work. The day we do this is also important because of the way that viewings may operate, which we will explain below.

Stage three:

The property is now live and we are taking enquiries all the way up until 21.00 everyday. If the property is launched on the right day we will be arranging back-to-back viewings on a Saturday or Sunday as this is when most buyers will be available to view. Depending on the size of house every buyer will be given an allotted 30 minute slot. We upload properties on a Wednesday or Thursday as a buyer would happily wait a few days for a viewing. However, if we launch a property on a Monday it might be a bit hard to make a buyer wait almost a week for a viewing, they may be looking to view sooner. If Buyer A views on Tuesday and offers on the same day but Buyer B, C and D cannot view until the weekend you have to make the decision; accept the offer from buyer A or hold off until the weekend. You could jeopordise losing the first buyer when the remainder may not even be interested. If the majority or all of the buyers are viewing on the same day it gives everyone the same fair chance to make their offer. It is not uncommon for us to be conducting up to 25 viewings on one property in a day.

Stage four

The result of the viewing day should be a great success and we hopefully leave with multiple offers and full feedback provided to you. If we do have several competing offers we can then ask each individual to provide a best and final offer with a predetermined close date (usually 24 hours in advance). After the close of best and final offers the individual offers will be presented to you for you to decide upon. We recently achieved 11 offers off 25 viewings, all of which were above asking price.

We can then be confident we have achieved the best possible price and fully investigated the market.

This is a basic step-by-step guide and there are many processes going on behind the scenes, which we will not bore you with here but if you do have any queries feel free to ask. If you have a particular sale to discuss and how we could help please use the ‘contact us’ form and we will get back to you ASAP!


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